Wheels & Tyres

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All trailers are priced with standard wheels

If you would prefer to use a non-standard assembly from the chart (below) then please recalculate thus:

1. Deduct the cost of the appropriate number of standard wheel & tyre assemblies from the basic price of the trailer.

2. Add the cost of the appropriate number of chosen wheel & tyre assemblies.


Other assemblies are available on request, those listed above are for reference to fitting suitability. Pricing can vary depending on assemblies.



All prices are current at January 2019 and are ex VAT. All measurements quoted in brochures may change without notification.


High Speed - Trailers quoted as high speed already have high speed axles and are recommended to have mudguards, mud flaps and either twin line and load sensing or hydraulic load sensing braking systems fitted at the time of build (depending on customer requirements), meeting the required 50% braking efficiency.


Ag Speed - Trailers have hydraulic all round braking systems fitted onto agricultural axles. These meet the current minimum 25% braking efficiency.


Air Ready - Trailers quoted as ‘air ready’ already have all relevant mounting points pre-fitted for load-sensing valves, clam shell mounts on the axles, air tank mounts and load sensing bar mounts on the axles. They also come with suitable high speed, s-cam braked axles for the wheel assemblies mounted at the time of build to provide 50% braking efficiency with sufficient applied pressure.





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