Tri Axle Grain Trailers

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Tri Axle - Tri Axle - These tri axle trailers are built with a rigid axle set up as standard. Options for steering include passive steering axles (connectable with a spool) or forced steering axles allowing you to turn a trailer in earlier and with automatic straightening when in reverse. The option price is per axle.


 Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS). This gives greater strength for a given weight and does not allow a build-up of material on ledges. These are manufactured in a wide chassis format for increased trailer stability.


Running Gear - All trailers have sprung suspension to provide a cushion between rough terrain and the trailer. This reduces the high stress levels that are imposed on a chassis with a single mounting system, it also makes the trailers more stable when tipping as the drawbar is less likely to lift.


All trailers have suitable under-body, chassis and wheel-to-wheel clearance for flotation tyres.


Buck - All tipping buck chassis members are welded directly to a one-piece floor sheet, minimising the overall floor height on a trailer. When lowered, the tipping buck sits on rubber blocks fixed to the chassis which cushions the shock between the chassis and the buck.


Side Panels - HM grain trailers all have the side panels folded horizontally in their centre and into the floor plate. This increases the side sheet strength reducing the risk of distortion from welding or loading. The top rails are made from folded sections, replaceable if they become damaged.




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