Root Crop Trailers

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Designed to protect your harvested crops delivering superb handling in the field and yard alike.


Chassis - HM trailer chassis are made from 355 grade (structural) Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS). Root crop trailers are fabricated with a long chassis tipping at the back of the buck.


Running Gear - All trailers have sprung suspension to provide a cushion between rough terrain and the trailer. This reduces the high stress levels that are imposed on a chassis with a single mounting system, it also makes the trailers more stable when tipping as the draw bar is less likely to lift. The root crop trailers have a narrower chassis with extra clearance for flotation tyres, but the wheel to wheel clearances are greater to stop the tyres from choking when very muddy.


Buck - All tipping buck chassis members are welded directly to a one-piece floor sheet, minimising the overall floor height on a trailer. When lowered, the tipping buck sits on rubber blocks fixed to the chassis which provide a cushioning to the shock being transmitted from the chassis to the buck. The buck tips to a 60 degree angle.


Side Panels - All root crop trailers (except HM18RC) have flat sides internally and are tapered to avoid damage when the crop is emptied. The HM18RC has the side panels folded horizontally. The front headboard comes with a full width grill and perspex panel as standard.


CTI - Root Crop trailers are an ideal candidate for our Central Tyre Inflation system which makes harvesting in wet conditions much easier. Keep the wheels turning without the ground



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