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Low Loader Trailers

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Multi-use low loader with rear ramp access. Essential kit for the serious plant mover.


Chassis - Our low loaders are built with 355 grade rectangular  hollow section chassis rails running the full length of the trailer, with ribs running over them. The ribs run the full width of the trailer and are welded to the chassis and the side rails. This extra strength at the side rails enables wide loads to be carried. This woven structure forms a very strong chassis on which our low loaders are based.


Running Gear - Standard running gear for the trailers are heavy duty agricultural axles with all wheel hydraulic braking. An option to upgrade to high speed running gear with an oil / air braking system is available. All low loaders are fitted with new 215/75 R 17.5 8 stud twin wheels, however, other options with increased ride height are available on request, including small flotation wheels as well as 435/50 R 19.5 super singles.


Standard Build - The floor is made of 25mm hardwood as standard, allowing damaged sections to be replaced easily. Chequer plate is also an option and available on request.


Our trailers have numerous tying points for both rope and ratchets, with additional strong chain securing points over the axles where heavier loads should be secured, such as heavy plant. Additional point or specialist securing points can be added on request.


Our ramps are made from 3 lengths of 150 x 75 x 6mm folded section per ramp, covered by steel plate. They have cross runners on them to aid grip, this makes a very strong and long lasting ramp. The ramps are designed to accommodate any track of vehicle, with narrow tracked vehicles using only one ramp.

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