DOLLY incl wheel drive assist


Hooklift Trailers

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Versatile base frames work with all kinds of demount units for a huge variety of uses.


Hooklift Trailers are supplied using ex lorry lifting gear, or new units. The ex lorry lifting gear to be supplied by yourselves, or supplied at cost by HM Trailers.


Chassis - The chassis is built around the sub frame of the original hooklift gear, taking into account any gussets or guides that are already in place for the safe mounting of the platforms. Rear anti jack rams are not standard, but recommended extras for heavy lifting..


Running Gear - All trailers have sprung suspension to provide a cushion between rough terrain and the trailer. This reduces the high stress levels that are imposed on a chassis with a single mounting system, it also makes the trailers more stable when tipping as the drawbar is less likely to lift. All trailers have suitable under-body, chassis and wheel-to-wheel clearance for flotation tyres.


Buck - All shapes and sizes are available and dependent on the intended applications. These are quoted for separately and priced on an individual basis. Alterations allowing Hiab cranes or any other alterations are gladly undertaken. Prices are available on request.


Weighcells (image 5) can be fitted to keep track of delivered weights


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