Central Tyre Inflation System


Keeping the wheels turning without the ground churning...in just 15 seconds


In theory, every trailer could have one. At HM Trailers we sell many trailers with expensive wheel and tyre assemblies to reduce ground compaction. All this good work is then undone, as the tyre pressures required are compromised by forward speeds and the pressure required to run at road speeds. The solution is to vary the tyre pressures according to the speed you are traveling. Making this happen is a different matter altogether.


At HM Trailers, we have managed to crack that nut!!  We have even managed to ensure that tyre inflation is now just a simple matter of pushing a button. This is now also even possible on the move a frustration with many earlier tyre inflating systems previously on the market.


We feel this is such an exciting prospect, to either make more standard 560/60 assemblies for example much more field friendly or dropping pressures on bigger assemblies towards fantastically low tyre pressures. Further benefits include lower rolling resistance, better fuel consumption, in the field and on the road and less tyre wear.




Twin line - pipe work runs through the axle via specialist reworkings. This protects pipe work from becoming damaged. The twin line then operates a sealing valve at the rim at the time of a pressure change, reducing the chances of the tyres deflating over a period when the trailer is stood up, or if there was any damage to the pipe work, as there is no pressure in the lines when it is not required.


Single line - pipe work runs through the axle via specialist reworkings. This protects everything from becoming damaged.  Cheaper than the twin line system, but it requires the use of ball valves at the rim to be closed to reduce the risks of deflation when not in use. The pipe work is constantly pressurised.





Analogue - the control box mounted on the trailer is manually set to field and road pressures. There is then a simple switch box in the cab that is used to change between pressures. Available with single and twin line systems.


Digital - the control box is mounted in the cab, or via an isobus connection. You can then either pre set high/low pressures for easy adjustment, or you can adjust the pressure in 0.1 bar increments.  This is only available with twin line systems.


Tanks are dependent on tyre assembly sizes. Tyre pressure calculations are required prior to use. This is calculated using tyre inflation charts supplied by the tyre manufacturers. An example would be as follows: 52psi road pressure deflated to 18psi for field use.


Inflated to deflated, from road to field, in just 15 seconds.




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