Cattle Trailers

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Safe, practical and reliable transportation for your cattle.


Chassis - Interlocking channel sections form the basis of this trailer. Supporting the chequerplate floor which is treated with grit between paint coats to form a non slip finish. 2 inch drain valves at the rear corners ensure that there is no effluent allowed to escape during transport, allowing easy cleaning.


Running Gear - Made using 406 x 120 high speed axles. All axles are removable and bushed with multiple grease points for longevity. Accumulators are used for suspension purposes. Twin axle models are also able to lift the front axle for a better ride when empty, the axles allow the floor to lower at the rear, cattle then step over the rear beam to access the trailer.


Access - There are front personnel doors on

both sides of the trailer. Optional internal

moveable dividers allow for the segregation of cattle.


Side Panels - 3mm folded section, viewing panel at front.


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