Bale / Pallet Trailers

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Versatile and built to last.


Chassis - Our Bale trailers are built with a box section chassis, the rails running the full length of the trailer, with 4mm thick ribs running the width of the trailer to the side rails. This chassis design offers strength whilst at the same time keeping the weight down on the trailer for reduced soil compaction on fields.


Running Gear - Standard running gear for the trailers are heavy duty agricultural axles with all wheel hydraulic braking. An option is recommended to upgrade to high speed axles with s-cam brakes, allowing the trailers to be air ready, with our air / oil twin line load sensing braking systems able to be fitted at any point in the future.


Wheels  - The standard wheels fitted are 385/65 R 22.5 8 stud super singles (ride height of 1200mm). Options to have 215/75 R 17.5 twin wheels or 480/45 R 17 reduce the floor height to 900mm. Other tyre choices recommended are 435/50 R 19.5, with a ride height of 1030mm.


Standard Build - The floor is made of 4mm plate, other options include Durbar flooring or Keruing hardwood timber floors. The headboard is a fixed one-piece design to add strength and provide a firm area to stack loads against. The optional front bale rake is removable from the headboard. Rear rakes, hydraulic box compressors or bale hoops are mounted into the rear of the chassis box section and then pinned for security.

If you require a flat trailer for lighter plant movement, but still need the flat bed for pallet and bale type loads, then please speak to us about our rear loading kit.


Turntable Trailers - Starting at 32ft, these trailers have suspension on the turntable as well as the rear axle set up.This set up is better suited to extra long trailers.


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